November 19, 2018 11:45 pm

OK so by now I think you have gotten the idea, BACK UP YOUR DATA. McMaster Consulting takes this very serious, as you may have guessed. The average ransomware infection for a consumer is around $600.00, that is, IF the cyber-criminals honor the payment and actually give you the decryption key. If the ransomware infects a business it can be closer to $10,000.00 and a survey of CEO’s states that they would be willing to pay up to $50,000.00 to get their data back.

Here are some great tips (I will elaborate in further blog posts)

  1. Educate your staff about what o do and what not to do, what to open and what not to open.
  2. Have a SOLID backup plan, bot locally and offsite, not just data backups but server IMAGE backups

More later!


By Scott McMaster

Microsoft Silver Certified Partner Barracude Network Certified Symantec Certified Partner Barracuda Network Certified Dell Partner Direct McMaster Consulting, Computer Consultant, Reno, NV